Standard Cleaning Plan




We handle all the bathroom surfaces. This includes wash and sanitize toilet, shower, sink. Dusting and wiping all reachable surfaces including door-handles and light fixtures. Mirrors and glass fixtures are included. Floors will be cleaned and we look forward to specifics.

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Sinks, Counter-tops, and all reachable surfaces will be cleaned. Door-handles will be wiped down as well as all mirrored or glass surfaces. Microwave will be cleaned as well as the stove-top. This also includes appliances. The floors will be cleaned and we never leave trash behind!



Common Areas & Bedrooms

In the common areas and bedrooms, we can make the beds upon request and change linens. We will make sure to be delicate as we dust in these areas high and clean all reachable surfaces. Light switches and door-handles as well. Floors will be cleaned and any specifics regarding the floors we are glad to cater to.

Deep Cleaning Plan



Deep cleaning can be well worth it for your health and for the resale of your home. Some of the services we offer include shower door cleaning as well & tile grout scrubbing and disinfecting.



Where you cook is important and while daily cleaning is sufficient a deep cleaning can be beneficial for many. During this inside of the oven, behind the oven, and range hood  are cleaned. Also behind, under, and inside the refrigerator  are cleaned. You always want your dishes to be cleaned well. Part of the deep clean includes dishwasher interior and exterior cleaning. Additionally microwave interior and exterior are cleaned and cabinet exteriors wiped down thoroughly.


Common Areas & Bedrooms

Dust will be vacuumed and removed throughout the entire house and all decorative objects can be wiped down. Furniture, and upholstery including window trims will be wiped down and detailed. Doors, door frames, and doorknobs will be wiped down. We are glad for client requests. Carpet edges are vacuumed as well as ceiling fans, lamp shades and blinds. Furniture is vacuumed under. We pride ourselves on quality.

Our prices are designed to fit budgets of any size according to both the needs of the client and the specifications of the task at hand. No job too big or small. Paradise Housekeeping is here for all!